Kaz Mexico - Mexican sterling silver
Back in the 90’s, a Wild Western Contiki took a friend and I to Tijuana, where we discovered the quality and beauty of Mexican sterling silver.

The jewellery from that trip has since been passed down to my daughters as the quality was just something else entirely to other types of sterling silver I’ve encountered, So in that sense, Mexican jewellery has always been my passion much before the birth of KazMexico.

After years working in marketing, I found myself not as passionate for my line of work and when I set out to do something I was truly passionate about, the only logical option for me was to continue my passion for Mexican sterling silver. Since the birth of KazMexico in 2014, I have not only made incredible connections with Mexican artisans and spread their work, but have also been able to express my own creativity through designing the jewellery in which they make.

Kaz can be found at many markets around Sydney so it’s best to check her website for details:
www.kazmexico.com or follow on #kazmexico @KazMexico for updates